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MTI will build up development team under a contract. The customer can often feel the effects of Agile development in about half a year, and get more visible result for about a year. It is also possible to customize the development team and systematically expand it according to the customer’s situation and request.
In addition, MTI will support the stable operation of agile development by assigning a separate consultant when starting up the team.
The Scrum is applied to the agile Development process that emphasizes team communication.


State of development site

Daily Scrum Meeting

Every morning, team members meet to check work progress and concerns. By constantly reconciling the perceptions of team members, updating information that occurred on the business side, and sharing issues that occurred during implementation, the entire team can make quick and appropriate decisions. In addition, frequent communication fosters a sense of unity as a team and greatly contributes to development quality.

Visualization of Quality

Not only does it visualize the progress of development quantitatively, but it also visualizes various development statuses such as bug detection rate and coverage of automated tests. By managing everything from backlog management to the DevOps environment in an integrated manner, we have created a mechanism that automatically updates many numerical values. When a problem occurs, it can be found and dealt with quickly, and the quality of the service can be managed and grasped by taking a bird’s eye view of these numerical values.

Visualization of Kanban

Kanban” is a tool for members to harmonize their perceptions in the development method. (Refer to the photo) By checking Kanban, you can instantly grasp the whole picture of the project such as the project outline, background, schedule and progress. Especially when developing a Japanese business offshore, it is necessary to update the (Japanese) external environment frequently.


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